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What Shape of Brides Buy Fish Tail Wedding Dresses in Perth?

The Fish Tail wedding dress is also referred to as a Mermaid style dress. These dresses hug the figure down to about the knees and then flare out dramatically very much like the tail of a fish or a mermaid. There are some advantages and disadvantages to this type of dress. The major advantage is that with the right type of hourglass figure, it is often referred to as the sexiest of wedding dresses. However, as it is form fitting all the way to the knee, it is often less flattering to brides that have a pear or apple shaped figure.

Also, fish tail wedding dresses are very restrictive to movement as its shape makes it very difficult to walk or dance while wearing. If you expect to dance the night away at your reception, you may want to consider a trumpet or fit and flare style of dress. However, for brides with the right body type, the restrictive movement may be worth the fact that one look at you in that curve hugging fish tail dress, and the groom may become even more impatient for the honeymoon to begin!

Come to Anastasia Collections and talk to one of our consultants about our gorgeous selection of fish tail wedding dresses in Perth. Try some on and see why every bride in Perth is considering getting their “Mermaid On” in one of our fish tail dresses this wedding season. No matter what style you choose, our expert consultants will help you choose the perfect wedding dress of your dreams.