Bridal Dress Perth

Reasons to Wear a Tea Length Wedding Dress in Perth

Many brides are choosing to wear a tea length wedding dress in Perth weddings this year. There are a variety of factors that are impacting upon this trend.

Some women find that the cost of a traditional wedding dress is just beyond their budget. A beautiful tea length wedding dress is usually a fraction of the cost of a full-length gown. Make no mistake; one can easily spend just as much for a one of a kind tea length wedding dress, but on average; they are much less expensive.

Many couples are opting for non-traditional wedding ceremonies in unique locations and settings. There are far more weddings occurring on the beach, in a wooded or natural location. Some of these locations are difficult to get to or have uneven terrain. The setting or locale may not be conducive to traipsing around in a full-length wedding dress.

They setting for the reception may also be far more casual and rather than wearing a full-length wedding dress for the ceremony and a less formal, more comfortable dress for the reception, many brides are opting for the tea length wedding dress for both functions. However, since when does a girl pass up a justification to buy two stunning dresses for a special day?

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