How To Use Laptop As Monitor For Xbox one (Free Guide 2021) (2023)

In case, if you’re searching to broaden your laptop or PC display and want to use your Laptop as a 2nd, 3rd and so on monitor for your PC, in this complete guide, we’re going to show you how to use Laptop as monitor for Xbox one.

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While it may appear as a simple practice where all you have to connect your Laptop to your PC with just an HDMI connection (or with any other video input cable), but the fact is it is not as simple and doesn’t work in that way. The laptops or the Desktop PCs that are built-in with the features of HDMI, VGA, or DVI display port is not able to work as a contributor for another computer device, it will work only for outputting its features.

That means that if you are planning to show your Laptop’s or desktop screen on a more extensive showcase such as television, display, projector, and many others or associate it to a different presentation to extend your Desktop’s presentation, you can do this by directly connecting the additional screen to your PC or Desktop. Although, you are not allowed to associate your gaming laptop with your desktop PCs via wired cable to allow your Laptop to show what your PC is showing.

To get your Laptop or PCs display to work as a monitor for another gadget, you have to utilize outsider applications to get the two apparatuses working correctly with each other, or you should either use Windows built-in features. What’s more, right now, in this complete article of how to use the laptop screen as the monitor, we’ll show you the various alternatives you have for setting up your computer as another display for your Laptop or as its main display. You can get best ideas about how to use Laptop as monitor.

How to Use Laptop as Monitor for Xbox One to Extend the Display

1. Using Miracast on Windows Systems

The best choice is to use the prominent feature/component Miracast that is highlighted in Windows system devices. You need to do the following steps to set up the Miracast.

How to use a laptop as a monitor for Xbox one?

  1. Go to the setting by clicking on the start menu (the gear icon)
  2. Then click on the System icon
  3. There is an option in the list to the left named “Projecting to this PC.” Click on that.
  4. Make sure that you have changed the options drop-down menu to available. (you have two different options)
  5. Organize the other setting according to your wish
  6. After doing all that, return to the main PC where you need to utilize your Laptop as a second screen for.

Now, on the PC that you wish for using it as Secondary display, do some following steps.

  1. Press the Action or Notification center icon, which is placed in the taskbar menu at the bottom right-hand corner.
  2. In notification slide-out menu on the bottom, click on Connect
  3. Select the Laptop you want to connect when the Laptop appears
  4. After that, you have to accept the connection on your desired Laptop that you want to connect.
  5. Finally, select ‘Display Settings’ on your main desktop PC by right-clicking
  6. Make sure you have chosen the option “Extend desktop to this display” under the “Multiple displays” section from the display menu.

Then, realign your Computer desktop and Laptop’s displays within the proper way by dragging and dropping the display icons on the top corner of the ‘display Settings’ screen

Compatibility Problems with Miracast

Not all people might be competent to utilize Miracast. Personally I experienced the difficulty to connect my own Laptop utilizing the Miracast, taking into account that it requires the utilization of the Intel HD graphics card, and in this scenario, my System has a submitted graphics card in it, so i was unable to get it to work.

The desktop PC will need to use a remote connection (wireless association) to link or attached it with the PC. Since I utilize an Ethernet link and don’t have access to local Wi-Fi, I would need to utilize a remote connector to use my PC as an extra presentation.

2. Using A Third-Party Program (Space Desk)

A vastly improved choice that isn’t gratified through one of the critical compatibility issues that outbreak the Miracast is to utilize outsider programming like Space Desk.

You have to download the outsider program such as Space Desk software depending on the machine capability on your main PC if you are wishing to use the outsider (third Party) program. After that, you need to download the other program named Space Desk viewer on your Laptop which you want to use it as a secondary monitor.

Open the software on your Laptop or else you have opened the software. Now what you have to do is click on the file option and then press the connect option. Now the software will scan your network and find your primary machine. Now select your central computer from the list if there are any others and click on the connect button. Here you can now use your Laptop as a secondary screen.

While Using the Space Desk, when we compare it with the Miracast software, the Miracast is much quicker and easier to work on Laptop as an extended display.

3. Remotely Connecting from your laptop to Your Desktop

An extra option or decision on which you would settle is to utilize your Desktop’s screen (and its keyboard, trackpad, and mouse) to deal with an additional laptop or PC. Undoubtedly, this is a somewhat extraordinary option than the use of your Desktop as a screen, rather, you’ll be utilizing your computer to have total manage over your prime Laptop. And, if you’re searching for the mode to use your other mobile computer to gain access to your central computer system, that is secure methods to go.

It is a straightforward procedure for remotely connecting your desktop PC with the laptop, so you can be able to use a different kind of outsider (third party) programs.

How to Use Your Laptop to Control Your Desktop PC Remotely?

Want to use your Laptop to control your desktop PC? Open the official site of TeamViewer’s which is and download the TeamViewer program from the official site both on your Laptop and your desktop PC. When the download process is completed, install the TeamViewer on Laptop and Desktop PC both after the installation process takes the ID of TeamViewer for your desktop PC. Now open the TeamViewer program on your Laptop, on your Laptop, type within the identity of your computer into the companion identification subject and click on join. The software will ask you to enter your Desktop password, enter your details, and press Log On. Now you can control the desktop PC from your Laptop.

Using Steam In-Home Streaming (Streaming the Games from your Desktop PC to Your Laptop)

For specified gaming assignments, you may utilize your Laptop to play Steam video games from your desktop PC using Steam’s In-house substitute (streaming). I exploit this selection quite a little bit if I need to play games in my bed or somewhere instead of my place of work (the area where my Desktop is located.)

It has the top-notch quality because If your system is not sufficient to run the heavy and most demanding games in the market, you can play easily all the demanding and heavy games on the same system by streaming from your PC gadget.

In this way, for example, if I have a PC with a powerless GPU in it, and I can still play the heavy computer games, for example, The Witcher 3 on it by streaming from my Desktop PC.

The downsides are that in your video games, you will find a drop in latency, which will make playing competitive video games utilizing In-house Streaming somewhat more problematic. But, when you want to take a look at using the In-home Streaming from your Desktop for your Laptop, right here’s how you put it up…

Open and log in to your steam installed on your Desktop and Laptop using the same account, from your laptop library click on the game you want to play. Click the drop-down menu arrow next to play rather than clicking on the play and select the “stream from” option and then hit the stream icon.

So now you can stream the game and quickly Xbox controller, Laptop keyboard and mouse to enjoy the game.

Requirements of Laptop for Xbox one

Xbox is a flexible and handy gaming solution that means you could play your desired video games remotely from your Console on your Desktop PC or even on your TV home network.

Usually denoted to as game streaming, this variety lets you use the Laptop as monitor or screen for Xbox, so you could play from anywhere, not always your living room, and perform your desired video games with access to your home network.

Game Streaming utilizes the comfort’s capacity (Console’s power) to deal with the games you are playing. In this way Your PC turns into a remote second screen, allowing you to wander around the rooms in your home and still make the most of your games.

Anyhow, to utilize your PC as a monitor Screen for the Xbox, there are a couple of system requirements you have to have set up to adventure game streaming.

These Requirements are:

  • The Xbox console has the game streaming allowed in Settings
  • A PC having the Windows 10, in addition to you should be signed in to the Xbox with the gamer tag that coordinates the one on the Console.
  • A wireless 802.11 N/AC or Require the internet connection for connecting the Xbox console and PC through an Ethernet connection or a wired in the same home network.

Other requirements for your PC include:

  • 2GB RAM (Minimum)
  • CPU with 5 GHz or faster
  • An Internet connection. The gaming experts recommend an Ethernet wired connection for the best performance. You can also get the best performance by using the 5GHz 802.11N wireless connection or 11 AC wireless access. In associations with the restricted performance, the network connection should be 2.4GHz (802.11N), or you have the wireless access of 802.11 AC.

On the off chance that you can’t have a wired Ethernet connection, either due to the separation between your console and systems administration gadget (Networking device), you can attempt to utilize a Power Line adaptor so you can exploit the electrical wiring in your home as a rapid wired system, or a Multimedia over Coax connector to use the coaxial cable wiring for a fast wired system.

Now you have the info of all needed requirements to use the PC or Laptop for the Xbox; therefore, you are now fully prepared for streaming the game from your Console to secondary screen.

How to use a laptop as a monitor for Xbox? (use Laptop as Xbox controller)

To set off the game streaming procedure and utilize the desktop PC as a screen for the Xbox, you have to do the following steps:

  1. On the Xbox console Enable the settings
  2. Connect the Xbox to your PC

1- How to enable settings on Xbox

If you want to use your desktop PC as a display screen for the Xbox, you have to allow the video game streaming from the Xbox console settings. How to do this? Follow the given steps:

  • Open the guide or menu bar by pressing theXbox button
  • Select theSettings option
  • Select thePreferencesfrom settings
  • Then select the Xbox app connections and now do some following steps:
  • Go to the option “This Xbox”and enable the “Allow game streaming to other devices.”
  • Open the “Other devices”and enable the option “Allow connections from any device”or “Only from profiles signed in on this Xbox.”

How to connect your PC to your Xbox?

Once you set up all settings in the Xbox console for streaming the game, Your next step is to set up a connection from your computer to the Xbox console from the Xbox application on your pc.

How to do this? Follow the following steps:

  • launch or open the Xbox appon your PC
  • From the left windowpane. Select Connect. The Xbox application will check your System for accessible consoles
  • Prefer the Console from the list you wish to have to hook up with. Most consoles are pre-namedMyXboxOne, so if you have multiple consoles, then rename every Console accordingly that way because it is easier to recognize the Console you wish to have to connect to. To rename the Console, open the console guide by pressing the Xbox button, chooseSystem>All Settings>Console data/info, and after that, choose your Console’s name within the identifyNamebox.
  • Once you’re linked, the icons or symbols will change to exhibit that you are connected. New options will appear for media remotes, streaming, and power. That means you are now able to control your Xbox console remotely.

Once your Console is hooked up with PC, you can also quickly set up the streaming by clicking stream from the connection panel.

The next stage is to launch your video games from the Xbox application.

How to launch games from the Xbox app on PC?

Intending to use the computer as a display screen for Xbox and play your video games, after creating a connection and enabling sports streaming in your Console, the next factor to do is launch your video games from the Xbox app.

Here’s is the complete guide about this:

  • As mention earlier, Connect your Xbox console and your Desktop PC.
  • Click on any game you wish to play in the Xbox app
  • Initiate or start streaming from the game center point
  • Press the Play button from Console on the upper right-hand side of the screen. This will launch the game immediately on the Console, and the streaming will start.

There are different settings you can do to experience game streaming. At the same time, you use your desktop PC as a display screen for the Xbox, together with changing the streaming quality or enjoying the play by making use of Oculus Rift to your pc.

You have to connect the Xbox one to your desktop PC or Laptop if you wish to change the Quality of your game streaming. You have to select the quality level for your streaming videos that can be quickly done before streaming live or easily while you are playing the game. You will enjoy more experience by setting a high-quality level for your streaming.

Here are some steps to change the game streaming quality:

  • Open theXbox app
  • Go toSettings
  • Select theGame streaming
  • Select theVideo encoding leveland choose the streaming quality. It would be best if you used either
  • High Quality: if the Xbox console and desktop PC are in the same room and associated with the wired Ethernet connection, you can start with High-level Quality. You can adjust the level after getting the best performance for your network.
  • Medium Quality:This level can be used for a network PC and Xbox console in a different room or 5GHz wireless connection.
  • Low Quality:this level can be utilized for 2.4 GHz wireless networks and low-end desktop PC and tablet

If you wish to play video games using Oculus Rift, your Xbox console and laptop or desktop PC should be on a similar remote network dependent on the system specifications described at the start of this article.

Use the steps that are mentioned below for playing games using Oculus Rift:

  • Switch on and sign in to your Xbox console
  • Switch on your Desktop PC and log in to theXbox applicationwith the same Gamertag on the Console.
  • Open the “Oculus app”and sign in to Oculus account by using your credentials
  • Do Search for theXbox
  • Now Install theXbox One streaming
  • Open theXbox One streamingand select the desired Xbox. If there is only one Xbox console is turned on, then it will be selected automatically, but if there is no installed Xbox console, then you have to turn on the Console and sign in. Though an IP address is required for that purpose of signing in, follow these stepsSettings>Network>Network settings>Advancedon the Xbox console.
  • Now what you have to do, wear your headset and start enjoying the games.

While streaming to Oculus from your Console, the Xbox button opens the Oculus general menu rather than the Xbox home. At the virtual Xbox button, you can quickly move your head to point the cursor; at that point, press A or long-press A to follow up on notifications or potentially open the power menu.

To modify the Quality or nature of game streaming, move your head and point the cursor at the Network symbol at the base of the screen, at that point, select the best level.


That’s it from our side. We hope that you learn about “can you use a laptop as a monitor for Xbox one,” and you will like our informative article about the “how to use a laptop as a monitor for Xbox one.” It’s a straightforward practice for gamers to connect the Xbox console to the desktop PC and use it as a secondary screen for your gaming experience.

If you have any queries or doubts about connecting the Console to your Laptop or PC and use it as a secondary monitor for streaming live, let us know your question by commenting in below comment section. We will help you the best with your experience.


How do I use my laptop as a monitor for my Xbox? ›

Open the Xbox app on your laptop. Click the Consoles button in the top-right of your screen. Click your Xbox. Your Xbox will now connect to your laptop.

What happens if I plug my Xbox into my laptop? ›

Connecting your Xbox to your laptop allows you to use its screen as a display output for the console. All you need is an HDMI cable, which most likely you already have available from your TV. Take it out the TV and bring your laptop and Xbox together before you start this procedure.

Can I use my all in one PC as a monitor for my Xbox? ›

Many All-In-Ones (AIOs) can be used as a display for game consoles, laptops, or other computers. If your HP All-In-One has an HDMI-in port, simply plug one end of an HDMI cable into your source device, and the other end into the HDMI-In port on your All-In-One.

How do I play Xbox on my laptop with HDMI? ›

First, you'll need to plug the HDMI cord into the port on your Xbox One, while the console is off. While you're at it, turn off any applications you have running on your PC. Next, you'll need to plug the other one into your laptop's HDMI input port.

Is there a laptop with HDMI input? ›

Yes, there are gaming laptops that come with an HDMI-In. It is an excellent feature for those who want to connect their laptop to their TV. Some gaming laptops that have HDMI-In ports include the Alienware 18, MSI GT72 Dominator Pro, and Acer Predator 17X.

Why wont my Xbox show up on my TV HDMI? ›

Solution 1: Check your HDMI cables or try different ones

A damaged or incorrectly connected HDMI cable can prevent the video signal from reaching your Xbox correctly. Check your HDMI cables to make sure they're securely connected to your devices and free from damage. Try using a different high-speed HDMI cable.

Can a laptop be used as a monitor? ›

Use a Laptop as a Monitor With HDMI and Windows 10

Open Settings on the device you intend to use as your second screen. Select “System,” and then click “Projecting this PC.” Hit the Windows key and P simultaneously on your primary device, then select “Connect to a Wireless Display” in the lower section.

What does the DisplayPort do? ›

DisplayPort (DP) is a digital display interface developed by a consortium of PC and chip manufacturers and standardized by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). It is primarily used to connect a video source to a display device such as a computer monitor.

Can I use my laptop as a monitor without HDMI? ›

The most common type of connection for monitors and laptops today is Video Graphics Array (VGA). To achieve this connection, a VGA cable connects the laptop's VGA port to the same port on the monitor. This type of connection is not capable of transmitting audio, so, you'll need to connect it through separate cables.

Can I use a laptop as a monitor? ›

Under Some Windows and Android devices can project to this PC when you allow them to, choose the Available everywhere on secure networks option. This means you'll be able to see the laptop as a second monitor when you're on a secure network, like your home Wi-Fi.

Can you plug an Xbox controller into a laptop? ›

Connect your controller to a Windows device by using a USB cable, the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows, or Bluetooth. Some Windows devices also come with Xbox Wireless functionality built in so that you can connect a controller directly without an adapter.

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