Bridal Dress Perth

The Perfect Studio to Find a Low Back Wedding Dress in Perth

This wedding season, many brides to be are having a difficult time finding the perfect low back wedding dress in Perth. They obviously are looking in the wrong places. The legendary American bank robber Willie Sutton was once asked: “Why do you keep robbing banks?” His response was “Because that’s where the money is!”

If you ask a similar question of a stunning bride in a low back wedding dress in Perth, “Why did you buy your dress at Anastasia Collections?” the response would be “Because that’s where the beautiful dresses are!”

Our bridal consultants and designers provide unmatched personal attention and an uncanny attention to detail. We only offer wedding dresses made with outstanding craftsmanship in whatever style you wish. We offer our own designs plus various exclusive lines of imported designers. No matter what your body type or personal style, we will guide you to the perfect wedding dress for your special day.

We recommend that prospective brides try on several different styles and cuts of wedding dresses to help you narrow the search and focus on what looks best on you. When you visit our studio, you may choose to try on a trumpet shape, a fit and flare, fishtail and low back wedding dress in Perth. Once the bride leans toward a particular style, we can then help narrow the search for the perfect dress by offering suggestions of different designs within that style by inquiring what you like and did not like about each dress. We are not satisfied until we hear the bride and all in attendance exclaim: “This is the one!”